Oskido's Church Grooves - The Fourth Commandment - Oskido - Oskido's Church Grooves

2006-03-29 19:38

If the bible-bashing opening doesn't scare the crap out of you, the second track "War" (Julien Jabre) may bore the crap out of you. Apart from the first few bars, when it collapses after the politco/gospel rant into the euphoria of the hard "progressive house" dance, it's directionless... a bit like a war, really.

But the rest of the CD is loaded with adventurous but unpretentious mixes by Oskido, who throws purism to the wind. Serious musical energy results.

"Bulo" (Afro mix) brings the refreshingly non purist vocal warmth of African women's choruses and bongo drums from Copyright (featuring Shovel). For the rest of the CD everything from Kwela to Native American to Rod Stewart to Columbian to soul to French Europop to jungle flavoured mixes party down together. Oddly, nothing seems out of place.

Well, almost never. The final earcatchingly titled track "Women masturbate too" (Paul Johnson) is more pornographic than genuinely sexy. Good for a laugh though.

Overall, a high rush, artlessly and effortlessly successful. Global house from home that'll move the most high-heeled partygoer. Not just another mechanical excuse for bar room aerobics.

- Jean Barker

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Top notch South African mix master Oskido once again delivers a signature set of stirring global house grooves, filtering a melting pot of moods and taking tribal West African beat twists and cleverly compiling samples from African American religious spirituals.
- Musica Online

Many of the tracks have a distinctly African feel, particularly Djaimin and the Oule Oule Family's Children of Africa and BOP's Chewa Yao. A compilation certain to be a success with all Oskido fans, and even those who have never before experienced the entrancing sound of House Afrika.
- Cindy Stocken for Jsk

Don't let the opening of this CD put you off. There's whole world of pleasure out there to discover, if you can survive the first two tracks.

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