P.O.D. - Payable on Death - Christian Nu-Metal? Actually, yes.

2006-03-29 18:42
This is a band with little time for any pantomime bad boy posturing, employing their rap-rock and reggae inflected metal medium in search of an always uplifting and liberating message. It was no surprise that gloriously infectious MTV friendly romps such as "Alive" and "Youth of the Nation" (off 2001's Satellite) proved the perfect aural antidote to the anguished nihilism of so many of their metal peers.

Much of their musical appeal pivoted around axe man Marcos' allusive blend of tribal chord workouts, effervescent hardcore punk bristle and incisive psychedelic soar. Which makes his absence from Payable on Death something which fans are sure to greet with some trepidation. The good news is that new guitarist Jason Truby proves the perfect replacement, his muddier shards of distortion pushing the P.O.D. envelope into invigorating, if at times a little too virtuoso territory ("Eternal").

The result is a panoramic metal palette where familiar idealistic anthems ("Wildfire"), sprawling Deftones style micro-epics ("Will You") and skanking reggae-rock jams ("Excite the Sounds") open out into lyrical nu-metal celebrations of love ("I & Identify").

Compared to the lame "boys own" boasts of so-called nu-metal luminaries like Limp Bizkit, born again Christian rapcore champions P.O.D. prove that having God on their side is a far more fertile source of creative inspiration.

Rene vd Merwe 2004/02/20 3:56 PM
Ms GREAT!!! More my brother's style, but it too!
Craig 2004/02/20 8:48 PM
Brothers Its an awesome cd from my Brothers in Christ, my favorite is "Wildfire". Listen to the lyrics, there is alot of truth in them. "Gentle, Purified, Stay true, Protection Always trusting, Continue hoping, Conquer, never fail Reach for the sky, Don't let it get away I and identify - This is what love is."
gert 2006/08/01 10:59 PM
p.o.d hell yes rock stil lives
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