Panic At The Disco - Pretty. Odd

2009-01-16 16:23
Panic At The Disco
Not on Pretty.Odd, they’re not. It sees Panic At The Disco drop their lucrative crowd pleasing to weave a very different kind of basket.

Beatlemaniacs and Paul McCartney’s lawyers will lynch me for saying this, but my first listen recalled an atmosphere oddly similar to Sgt Pepper’s: it feels like an impromptu jam, a carnival join-in, the loosest, free-est thing this band could possibly put on record.

“Northern Downpour” is their sweetest utterance, a vulnerable stream of consciousness that muses “You are at the top of my lungs”, “I missed your skin back east” and “unraveled words like moths upon old scarves” in turns.

Also endearing are “That Green Gentleman”, vaguely reminiscent of their old sound, and “She Had the World”, a fanciful re-imagination of a failed relationship.

A hit might not have been so bad. Pretty. Odd takes its time to get going and an instant “I love this song like baby animals” moment here or there would have improved the experience.

No doubt Panic At The Disco have secured themselves a demotion as far as radio play is concerned. But their likely mainstream retirement could signal the start of a rewarding artistic reincarnation.

Okay guys, where are the hits? The chart toppers, the radio anthems, the “so catchy they could make Jonty Rhodes jealous” blockbuster tunes?

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yournamehere 2008/05/10 10:07 AM
whatever either way, these guys suck. its just good marketing that gets all them kids to lisen to them coz they think they're indie. its pathetic
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