Parov Stelar - Shine

2007-11-15 12:46
This lavish pop electronica album is packed with trendy sonic tricks, but it’s not all about cool. Shine verges humorously on the cheesy and the layered vocals are recorded close to the mic by cute-voiced boys and girls with peepy eyes. Long melodies arch over quietly addictive beats, and gloom-flavoured alternative-electronica tracks generate a mysteriously icy energy buzz.

The Austrian group’s accented English lyrics lend etherial charm, and sax-punctuated breaks in each song's flow keep the texture real. Highpoints: the blithe “Shine”, the charming “Lost in Amsterdam” the derivative “Love”… but you may have your own favouites. This’ll stand out from the flood of lame pop-flavoured electronica that pours into SA for the clubbing season, without puzzling the punters too much – it’s not insanely original stuff.

- Jean Barker

Tricksy but sweet, icy but cute, Parov Stelar bring the pleasing pop side of electronic innovation.

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