Patricia Lewis - Net Soos In Drome

2009-01-09 15:17
Soos in Drome
But, in her middle age, Patricia's voice is stronger than Madonna's. Borrowing heavily from Dolly Parton's beloved (if a little top heavy) image, she's established an endearing rapport with Afrikaans feesgangers by just being, well, super nice. Oh, and her sokkie tunes can set a barn on fire.

So the battle-hardened pop veteran has picked up the axe again, this time to chop a bilingual gash in the SABC 2 treffers underground with Net Soos In Drome. Two Modern Talking covers, some translated Euro pop and a boere ballad or three later, it's fair to say that Patricia still has the quality to dominate Huisgenoot headlines for a few years yet.

Her opener, "Hero" was a hit in the Eurovision song contest and it should be a rare English-spoken winner for her. With Patricia sounding like Celine Dion in party mode, the song's infectious disco backbeat should become a kunstefees favourite over the next year.

Now, pop fans love ballad time: when their idols slow things down, open an old wound and stretch their vocal range. Although "Gee My Nog 'n Kans" has a little charm, this isn't really Patricia's forté. No, what we really like is seeing her wrapped in disco fabulous Modern Talking lyrics with thumping bass and synth. In that kind of form, Patricia Lewis is bouncier than a trampoline convention.

It’s pretty much what we expected, but Net Soos In Drome confirms that Patricia Lewis will be an enduring feature of the Afrikaans pop landscape for quite some time.

- Niel Bekker
Patricia isn't everyone's cup of tea. Her made-for-TV personality and Eurovision-borrowed beats have earned her iconic status in the Afrikaans pop market, which, let's face it, is on many people's shit list.

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Tannie Nonnie 2008/09/04 12:00 PM
Laat my lekker voel van binne Ag mensies. Hier in die Noord-Kaap is daar nie baie om oor bly te wees nie. Ralph soek al vir maande werk. Daar is te min reën en te veel klippe. Van daai grys-rooies. Dit is om die rede dat ek so bly is dat ons nog liefies het soos Me Lewis om elke dag net so bitjie beter te maak met haar pragtige musiek. Dit laat my hart sommer warm klop en my voet sommer lekker stamp.
Calimari 2008/09/04 12:00 PM
Soutie se review suck... Dis nie onz skuld souties kan net engels verstaan nie!!! Skrik wakker daars 11 nasionale tale in S.A. waarvan ek drie en 'n bietjie verstaan... hou jou "shit list" vir jou self asseblief...
Cobus 2008/09/04 12:06 PM
Patricia Fan? I'm not a Patricia fan at all, but admire how hard this lady works! Heard "Hero" quite a few times on radio, before I was informed that it is Patricia singing. Really a fun pop song. Just a bit dissapointed that she didn't pen the song herself. Thought it was a Patricia original! But anyway a great song, that will keep me entertained for the coming summer.
Sharkie 2008/09/04 1:29 PM
Not The Best I bought the Album as I have all her other Albums, but sorry to say I am very very disappointed. This is the worst album she has made. The cover and photo's are beautiful but a bit more could have gone into it. We've waited a long time for her to bring out a new cd but the songs are really not good. I like the modern talking ones, they sound good, but the rest sorry, I am disappointed. I love all the other afrikaans music that she sings, but this album does not creep into my soul. I love Patricia she is a fantastic person, she does a lot for our country, she is spoggerig.
icecreamman 2008/09/04 5:04 PM
Patricia Who cares about the music ,she is a hottie and got very mooi ti%te to use an expression once reserved for her compeittion, Amor. Patricia is a darling.
Pop Idol 2008/09/04 6:02 PM
Oh Please This woman should have been thrown out with the bath water ages ago after her first album.South Africans cant make good music,lets face it.If anyone likes this woman, then they havent heard any other music yet
Shirley 2008/09/05 8:14 AM
Super Patricia I admire Patricia. She has worked hard to get where she is. She takes care of herself and adores her husband and son. I would be glad for my daughter to look upon her as a role model. Patricia has an amazing voice and stage personality and always has time for her fans. Love her interpretation of "Hero". Love ya Patricia.
Poop Idol 2008/09/05 4:51 PM
Oh My Hat! What a crock of serious chicken sh1t!
B 2008/09/19 1:23 PM
BAIE MOOI! Ek het die nuutste cd van Patricia gekoop en moet se ek dink dit is baie baie mooi! Elke liedtjie is goed en mens kan sien sy het baie hard gewerk om dit 'n sukses te maak en baie moeite is gedoen! Veels geluk Patricia ek dink dis die beste cd ooit! Jy is stunning en 'n goeie voorbeeld van 'n goeie en gelukkige gesin vol liefde vir mekaar! Hou so aan!
Charmaine 2008/09/22 6:47 PM
mrs Leave Patricia alone I have photos of her and my husband on my wall of fame. She is HOT for my Hubby and Steve for me good balance
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