Paul E. Flynn - Fields

2008-12-23 15:12
Coaxing a sultry adult contemporary siren like Louise Carver between the sheets on country-rock tête-à-tête "Changed" is the perfect place to start. It's the kind of radio-ready romantic duet you can just imagine Faith Hill and hubbie Tim McGraw singing in the sack together.

Relax. Fields is a rewardingly schizophrenic listen that finds the urban cowboy in Flynn mapping the forgotten Southern rock links between the Black Crowes and the Kings Of Leon ("Mo'Fire"), while channeling Van Morrison's brassy rhythm 'n' blues on sublime gospel murmurs ("May God's Work Resume"), freewheelin' country-road cruises ("Blue Hitchhiker"), and a pair of bottom-of-the-relationship-bottle rockers ("Of Girls And Guns"). Finally, an SA rock album with enough good old fashioned heart and soul to mainline some much-needed poetry back into an indie scene o-ding on skinny-jeaned pastiche.

Sugardrive's legendary ladies man returns to exorcise his demons with a raggle-taggle retro-rock cocktail that takes in whisky, women and … a serial-killer song set in Kimberley.

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