Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full

2007-07-09 12:29
“Dance Tonight” is a knuckle-headed “Say, Say, Say” strum and whistler celebrating the simple pleasures of “stamping your feet” and “feeling the beat.” Extra cream with that Starbucks macchiato anyone? Actually, any chirps about Paul signing to the coffee franchise’s Hear Music label are below the belt. “Ever Present Past” encapsulates two decades of Brit-pop mischief in its minor-key memories of being young and restless.

Elsewhere, reminiscences range from a whimsical Brit-pop biography the Kinks could’ve written (“Mr Bellamy”) and a pair of Helter Skelter sized progressive rock nightmares that imagine the ELO jamming with Genesis (“House of Wax”, “Nod Your Head”) to a pensive piano ballad that has Paul staring death in the eye only to see David Gray staring back at him (“The End of the End”).

–Miles Keylock
Aside from ageing critics from Rolling Stone (the mag, not the band), who really cares if Paul MCartney ever writes another song as quintessentially cool as “Live and Let Die”? Memory Almost Full isn’t Macca miraculously remembering what made him write “Band On the Run” back in the 70s. It’s the sound of the most musically talented Beatle smiling at his ‘senior citizen’ rock status.

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