Paul Van Dyk - In Between

2008-03-04 15:13
It’s also vintage Van Dyk in every respect – densely layered beatscapes, shot through with metallic synth and overlaid with swooning, ethereal vocals.

He’s made his fans wait a long time for this album – his last was in 2003 – but he makes up for it in quantity, with 17 brand new tracks. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the quality. Only half the tracks are up to the compositional standards he set himself over a decade ago with classics like "For an Angel".

It’s not that the other half are bad, they’re just bland. Oddly the best tracks on the album – "White Lies" and "Sabotage" – are both departures from his usual style, pulsing with aggressive, two-stepping rhythms and down-n-dirty electro. Perhaps the master is evolving? If so, we could hardly ask for more - "Sabotage" is as crunchy a dance floor filler as you could ever hope to hear. Whether his fans will agree, though, remains to be seen.

- Alistair Fairweather

No one could ever accuse Paul Van Dyk of being sloppy. In Between, his fifth studio album is the very model of German precision, with not a high-hat out of place.

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