Paul Van Dyk - Remixes 94-04 - Paul Van Dyk - Remixes 94-04

2010-10-13 20:11

The secret to Van Dyk's success as a producer has always been his uncanny sense for both melody and timing. His best tracks are delicately balanced, multi-layered electronic symphonies weaving haunting vocals, sweeping synth and snappy drum patterns into a beautiful, self-contained whole.

In "The Remixes 94-04" we get a tasty selection of Van Dyk's finest. Apart from obvious club classics like "For An Angel" and "We Are Alive", the CD also has some of his newer work like the superb "Time of Our Lives" and the break-beat fuelled "Crush".

On the negative side: while the CD isn't strictly a "greatest hits" album, it might as well be called one. Many of the remixes are very sparse, without much perceptible variation from the original. Hardcore fans will already own many, if not all, the tracks already.

However the CD still offers a handy grab bag of tunes for the average Van Dyk lover, all of tweaked (more or less successfully) to maximize interest. It would make a great gift for most club lovers too since even the snobbiest trendsetter has a soft spot for Van Dyk at his most uplifting.

Unfortunately the final production on the album leaves something to be desired. The tracks were cut together by the usually rock solid folks at Sheer Music, and they have allowed some uncharacteristically sloppy transitions and channel shifts slip into this otherwise excellent mix.

Despite these niggles the CD is worth buying as a minor collectors item, since it is only being released in SA, as Van Dyk's own tribute to our 10 year democracy celebration. I can't help but feel touched by this gesture. It seems to prove how much the man has in common with his lyrical, uplifting music.

- Alistair Fairweather


With 11 selections - ranging from "club" mixes to original studio session takes - Remixes shows why he's remained at the forefront of discerning beat production.
- Musica

Spend time with this CD, guaranteed to make you feel just peachy. All the remixes are superlatively awesome.
- Rob Dickens for JHB Live

It's awesome. I gave it ten out of ten.
- Rantscribe on MWEB Blogs

It's impossible to imagine the global dance scene without the grandmaster of German Techno and Trance, a producer whose haunting melodies and hook filled riffs have found their way into record boxes and remixes around the planet. Even detractors admit that Paul van Dyk is a big figure in the history of dance music.Van Dyk grew up in then communist East Berlin, listening to the scraps of popular music gleaned from the weak cross-border radio signals. When the wall came down in 1989 and the Berlin

cherg 2004/07/29 4:53 PM
awesome awesome awesome
Di 2004/07/29 5:00 PM
Dyk's What a great set! I loved it!
Red Head 2004/08/02 10:28 AM
Mr.D 'guaranteed to make u peach'
Pablo 2004/08/06 1:10 PM
Delicious Remixes shows why he is remained at the forefront of discerning beat production. P really rocks
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