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Perez - Perez

2008-12-18 07:52
No, this isn't a knock-off. It would be really easy to write if off as an album of "not quite covers", but listen longer, and you'll hear it's not just that. This isn't a band that would accidentally steal their songs.

The stories Perez are telling - of loneliness and painful self-realisation - are brilliantly sugar-coated in the buoyant beats, "oh-oh-oh"s and exuberant melodies with the odd dirty rock jam a la Zep; despairing and high, familiar, but nimbly dodging the copycat bullets. Each time you realise you've heard this phrase somewhere before, Perez skillfully, naturally, tune you somewhere completely canny, yet completely unexpected.

And while you're soaring along on a melody, the truth writhes beneath the surface: "It never felt so right / get the knife / cut me til I scream".

Sincerity counts for a lot, but Perez get playful too. And they can afford to - like a skateboarder doing heart-stoppingly dangerous tricks, what's hidden behind the seeming playfulness and lightness is years of experience, practice and hard work, both on stage and off. So, yes, they get to do those somersaults and land smoothly.
"I'm not the master, I'm the singer of a song", sings Matt Wilkinson, channeling Gomez (not for the last time) on the chorus. Mika meets Aha and a mysterious third party on the unsettling quickie "Could Say Something".

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