Pestroy - Counter Attack - Counter Attack

2006-03-29 20:43

Heavy Metal junkies are likely to be blown away by Pestroy's latest album. This highly energetic and aggressive outfit deliver an aggressive assault from the very first track. Front man Tripwire shows his mettle, sounding as good as any hard lead vocalist. And Pestroy 's production doesn't let them down. They sound like well-drilled unit going into battle.

Each band member plays a strong part in the end result, but the individual energy levels of Shane on bass definitely deserve a mention. The others - Gump(Guitar), Jim(Guitar) and Dylan(Drums) - are all excellent in their own right.

"Re-Lie in Truth", "Proof", "Aim to Please" and "Obligation" are a few of the songs on this album that really stood out. The last two, remixes of "Proof" and "Counter Attack", are an interesting demonstration of how good a heavy metal remix can sound.

Counter Attack is not just for the sk8er crew. If you enjoy listening to tight but hard sounding bands like Rage Against the Machine, then Counter Attack will be good for you too.

*Listen to clips from the first 10 tracks - click the track names in the clips box on the left.

- Raymond Kilfoil


Counterattack is a solid second musical attempt from this rap-rock group. Although at times it sounds derivative and suffers from the usual challenge of translation from stage to CD, there is enough here to show that these guys have what it takes to make it within their chosen genre.
- ZA@play

Pestroy may well be the best rock band in SA, generating a live buzz unrivalled since the Nudies' heyday, when every second babe wanted to gargle Arno's DNA.
- Scam

Heavy metal junkies will love this tightly drilled, disciplined counter attack.

Rosey 2005/01/19 10:23 AM
hmm. They sound competent but based on the sound clips, I wouldn't rate Counter Attack as high as four stars out of five stars.
Meryl 2005/01/19 11:43 AM
Listen through a decent system I have to say that I listened to the clips through my headphones and thought to myself that it sounded ok. A colleague has a full speaker system on his PC and i had mentioned the link to him, when I heard it again through his system I have to admit that they sound excellent, if it were out of 10 I would have given a 8/10 All SA rock
Sasha 2005/01/19 11:50 AM
I'm a DJ I have only recently started taking an interest in hard rock and metal again. I have been into the dance scene for too many years now. I think as far as local rap/rock goes Pestroy are on the way up... and do they deserve 4/5? I don't know, is 5/5 too much? If it's not the Nude girls, it has to be Pestroy
Nigel 2005/01/19 8:13 PM
Brilliant I give this album five out of five
Nick Hanekom 2005/01/20 1:40 AM
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