Pictures - Katie Melua

2008-07-16 10:28
Method acting helps a bit: she navigates Norah Jones cabaret-jazzy swing on "It’s All In My Head" and channels Cilla Black on 60s styled torch song "If the Lights Go Out", before imagining herself as Eva Cassidy with a lazy, late night karaoke take on Leonard Cohen’s "In My Secret Life".

Revealingly, it’s the co-penned ditties without Batt that are most believable. The string-swept "What I Miss About You" is a savvy 'autobiographical' confession session that’s sure to have tabloid watchers pointing to her break-up with Kooks lead singer Luke Pritchard. Elsewhere flirtatious indie-Vegas-lounge itch "Perfect Circle" and mariachi popped waltz "Dirty Dice" find Katie finally ready to flaunt her own sex appeal.

- Miles Keylock

"Douglas Fairbanks he was so handsome, he wore a moustache, must have had much cash" sighs Katie Melua on "Mary Pickford". You can almost hear the Georgia-born, British babe gagging as she struggles to swallow these inane lines about forgotten Hollywood heroes. But hey, what’s a multi-platinum selling siren supposed to do when her friend and mentor Mike Batt runs out of rhyming couplets?

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goda 2007/10/29 2:22 PM
The Batt's off You must have heard Mike's atrocious solo effort a couple of years back. Seems he's not on form at the moment. Happens.
eloise 2007/10/31 7:26 AM
lyrics Katie needs to write her own songs.
Nathan 2008/09/25 10:06 PM
Not the best, really. A fair attempt by Katie. I must say that I do prefer the first two albums. There are one or two good songs on Pictures, but it lacks the character of the previous albums she has produced.
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