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Plain White T's - Big Bad World

2008-12-05 11:48
Plain White T's
Sticky-like-chewed-gum songs are every band's bread and butter. Unfortunately this album doesn't really have the addictive spirit of Delilah to pull off another chart rash. They've put in a noble effort with finger-snapping tunes like "I Really Want You" and "Natural Disaster", but the similarities between these tracks and "Hey There Delilah" just leave me thinking – is this all you can do?

In the same breath, it's a good thing that they're doing. Some people like consistency and hey, after their previous success, it's pretty wise not to mess with the formula too much. This is one of those albums that belong in your car, calming you down while giving you something to sing along to instead of swearing at the asshole driver in front of you.

In the age of reinvention you get two types of artists: those 'go with the flow' chameleons like Madonna and those traditionalists (read singer-songwriter types) like Jack Johnson. Both are successful. And while the Plain White T's have a good thing going here, I don’t know for how long this sound will stay cool 'n fresh. Maybe they need a good wash before the next album.

- Sam Brighton

Where do you go from a smash hit like "Hey There Delilah"? Nowhere. She's going to haunt their every album, leaving the listeners saying "hey, it sounds like that song from the Samsung ad."

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