Plain White T's - Every Second Counts

2007-11-23 17:12
If you like "Delilah", don’t get too excited. The rest of the album sounds nothing like it. Every Second Counts is a mash-up of modern NOFX impersonations tainted with emo-punk lyrics. Yes, they stole some old-school first generation punk guitar riffs and threw cutesy love song words over it. Wait a minute that might sound like a compliment. It is, but in the worst way possible.

What I’m trying to say is: I don’t like them. They tricked me twice, they’re not witty ‘whiteys’ from Joburg, and their album is not nearly as good as "Hey There Delilah". So, get the single, forget about the album.

- Annel Malan

"Plain Whiteys… ah what a cute name for a white SA rock band." Then I turned the cover over and saw "Hey There Delilah" listed as the first track. Oops! With a foolish smile - thank God, I didn’t say it out loud - I realised these whiteys weren’t some clever new local kids. They’re that band that sings that "Delilah" song that gets played over and over on 5FM. Which also explains the American accent.

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Tomislav 2007/11/25 7:57 AM
not as Annel as Malan makes out my 'review title' says it all ... this is an album worth listening to if one accepts the fact that the rest of the songs are not all cute little quiet tracks like 'Delilah'. I don't believe them to be 'one hit wonders'
andrew 2007/11/25 9:19 AM
I didn't see your album up here dumb ass! Why do you guys take these sort of bands apart all the time, there is nothing wrong with a few (as you call it) "old school first generation punk guitar riffs." I think they did the right thing by writing "hey there delilah," because all you idiots bought it, you all fell for it like the bunch of misguided is about to change and all you morons are going to be left without a job.
yogi 2007/11/25 10:24 AM
ANEL? anel what planet are you from? planet i dont know music to save my life... yes, just because the dont sound like your favourite group westlife, doesnt mean that they suck! i want you to review the new avenged sevenfold album... would be interesting to see what you think about that...
yogi 2007/11/25 10:26 AM
your facts suck sorry if i misunderstood but PLAIN WHITE T's are not south-african...
Michelle 2007/11/25 5:28 PM
YOGI>>> Yogi, DID misunderstand. Annel is being sarcastic. It's quite sharp actually, you kind of need an IQ of above 80 though. Sorry. But honestly, Annel, it isn't the best review either. Give us some constructive information!!!!
Riaan 2007/11/25 6:21 PM
You guys are all insane... Annel obviously doesnt like pop-punk, that's her opinion! She did an awesome review of the NOFX gig on the 9th of Nov, therefore i dont think her favourite group is Westlife...Plain White T's ARE very average. They sound like every other Blink182, Sum41 and Simple Plan impersonation we hear these days...and andrew, those old school first generation punk guitar riffs she's talking about were INVENTED by bands like NOFX and Rancid and now bands like Plain White T's are copying and raping those riffs to the extent where I want to vomit.
Plain White wut. 2007/11/25 9:19 PM
What's really happening Look from the pathetic 10 line review down to the next comment. Riaan has his facts right, and so does Annel, to a point. If you like "Hey There Delilah" but you're not a fan of Punk, don't buy this album, because there's nothing Delilah about it, nothing supremely great about it with the exception of "Write You a Song", which sounds moderately like Delilah. As far as Punk albums go this isn't too bad, it's mainstream, and as a result we've heard most of the song content before, but if you're a transitional teenager who enjoys Punk and who can hail to the T's emo-ish feel, you'll love the album, as well as "All That We Needed", their previous album.
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