P!nk plays dress-up on Funhouse

2008-12-08 12:34
The album starts off with a punked up, proud divorcee celebrating her newfound emancipation on the radio hit "So What". But is she alright? Is she just fine after losing her husband? Nah. She's fronting with this big red ribbon around a box filled with sad, angry and reminiscent lyrics.

Be prepared for a shade of P!nk we’ve never really seen before. She breaks all the bra burning rules by begging for her man back on the heartbleed ballads "I Don’t Believe You" and "Please Don't Leave Me". This sassy sister never second guesses herself for too long. "Mean" and "It's All Your Fault" take you on a rollercoaster ride to see where love always runs off the rails. But beneath the feathers and fanfare facade, she's just a romantic with a broken heart and a bottle of wine.
It's not all touchy feely, though. "Ave Mary A" highlights the madness of the world, calling on Houston, London, Tokyo and Cape Town to shape up. "If we don’t kill each other then the side effects will / Cape Town I think we got a problem." Isn’t that typical? Trying to fix the world while she's still broken herself. She tries to forget about her own problems with a 3pm tequila on the man-eating, party starter "Bad Influence".

P!nk isn’t just an androgynous rock chick with an adrenalin addiction. This cathartic album tears back the tattoos and black leather to reveal a broken woman putting herself back together. P!nk may have lost her table to Jessica Simpson and she thinks she’s not pretty like Britney, but we love her just as she is.

- Sam Brighton

With a kick-ass attitude and hair to match, P!nk is the kind of girl that you’d never expect would let her man get her down. But she's fallen hard.

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