Powderfinger - Dream Days at the Hotel Experience

2009-02-17 11:19
Dream Days....
There must have been a period when Powderfinger (awful name, by the way) were a thriving part of the alternative rock scene. Their 2000 album Odyssey Number Five spawned the song "My Happiness", possibly their sole crossover hit. The years since have been a bit lean, much of their success being purely homespun.

Dream Days at the Hotel Experience is the band's sixth studio album, and shows all the hallmarks of a creative energy gone to pasture. Pedestrian chords and uninspired choruses ebb and flow with all the urgency of a flock of sheep gone out to pasture.

That's not to say Dream Days isn't pretty – there are nods to their heroes Crowded House in the organs on "Nobody Sees" and the lilting, emotive vocals are a highlight. But overall this is a dull collection that will appeal to die-hard fans only – if Powderfinger have any of those.

Powderfinger is the biggest rock band in Australia – which is kinda like saying Nickelback is the biggest band in Canada. Size clearly has no relation to artistic worth.

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