Pretty Ricky - Late night special

2007-06-05 17:09
With the release of their sophomore album Late night special, Miami based R&B/Hip hop quartet, Pretty Ricky, present an album that certainly wouldn't be out of place as a soundtrack to a b-grade pornographic movie.

From the opening track, “Late night special", to the last track “Your Body”, you're left under no illusion about what is on this quartet’s mind; and with nicknames like Slick’em, Baby blue, Spectacular and Pleasure (real names Corey Mathis, Diamond Blue Smith, Blue Smith and Marcus Cooper respectively) it's no surprise that the core focus of this album is the group’s adolescent - and often very graphic - sexual fantasies.

In fact, with lyrics like:"I’m right between your thighs/ Exotic positions got your orgasm multiplying/ I never go soft/ I never go raw”, this unapologetically sleazy group make R&B predecessors like Dru Hill and R.Kelly sound like blushing prudes.

Unfortunately for them, they’re not as established or talented as R&B giants Jodeci, R.Kelly and Jagged Edge, so they struggle to get away with such raunchiness. While they put together a vaguely solid, if slightly murky production, their vocal inexperience lets the album down.

There are one or two songs that do boast great vocal presentation and solid production. Take “Late Night Special”, if you look past the lyrics. Like “I wanna drop it in your bucket / Let me do you after school like some homework/ But please don’t give me STD’s” then “Leave it All Up to You” is probably the best song on the album.

Raunchy lyrics are nothing new, but if sex sells music, then Pretty Ricky’s second album will probably be a hit on music charts everywhere. For some, listening to these young men reflecting on their salacious sexual fantasies makes for a chair-writhingly uncomfortable listening experience. But if the beat is right, who cares about everything else, right?

- Tammy February
As with most R&B music, syrupy sweet love play is pretty much what it’s all about beneath the subtle lyrics and seductive melodies. Pretty Ricky, however, jumps out of that box, dismisses chivalry and pretty much ignores the concept of subtle innuendos.

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nomonde 2007/06/05 3:32 PM
Some of these young artists have too much sex on their brain, lyrics!
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