Prime Circle - All or Nothing

2008-07-04 15:41
All Or Nothing is their big push to that end and it’s pretty damn slick, to be honest. Whether Theo Crous had some major impact as producer or maybe due to undiluted purpose, it’s a record that outright refuses to get sloppy.

Almost every song could pass for a single on campus radio, but a few tracks seem destined for greater glory. Give “Consider Me” a black & white music video with sick dogs and poor children looking straight into the camera and you’ve got MTV gold. Or do you?

Rock has moved on. Just like grunge killed hair metal, indie and a bunch of post-everything genres have been stomping on alternative rock’s shallow grave for some years now. The kids like Fall Out Boy. The kids like Wolfmother.
But just before we start weeping for Prime Circle, remember the Chad. No one told Mr Kroeger and his Canadian shop window Nickelback that it wasn’t cool to love the 90s and look how they’re doing. Sitting pretty on a money pile.

Hard rock fans will latch on to “Out of this place” for Ross Learmouth’s agonised vocals, but it’s a lone wolf. The rest of the album is full of melody chasing rock anthems. “She always gets what she wants”, for instance, is one of those songs that’s destined to be heard everywhere, and will probably end up in a shampoo commercial.

Prime Circle aren’t a lyrics driven band, but they do know what they want to write about. Bad stuff, sad stuff, even if it’s only mentioned in a very roundabout way. What proves their talent is in making these negative themes become something beautiful through music. As Chad knows, that’s a moneymaker.

If you’re completely over alternative rock, spare yourself the contempt and buy something else. If, however, you’ve been looking for someone to get angsty with, baggy jeans style, you need to hear this.

- Niel Bekker
New label. New producer. New… keyboard player? Prime Circle are dead serious about becoming the next Nickelback and realise, perhaps, that if they don’t crack the nut this time around, they never will.

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Toy 2008/07/07 8:11 AM
Carbon copies Prime Circle is the most unoriginal, uninspired band in South Africa.
Elisma 2008/07/07 9:52 AM
Own identity.... Helo Helo......Why would u want to be like another band.... If Prime Circle are that good, they should make it on their own with their own music and own style. Clearly they are not as good as everyone think they are.
Clint 2008/07/07 10:25 AM
Go international... Prime Circle is unfortunate that they are South African. They need to go international to get anywhere. We've got every afrikaans poepol who's mom tells him he can sing with a cd now. I say leave the country with your head held high and make a name for yourselves elsewhere... I love Prime Circle and think they are way underated... Sure they're commercial, but thats where the money is...
Antionette 2008/07/07 11:56 AM
Prime Do u know, Carbon copies, what goes into the making of a band? - give them a chance man - it is their dream and hard work - a bit of positive feedback can do alot ......
Mon 2008/07/07 12:59 PM
Best Band in SA.... no THE WORLD I have to say I recently saw Prime Circle perform all their new songs live, AND THEY ROCKED! I do agree that if the boys were American, they would be World Famous! But give it time! Because with a new album like this one, they are sure to hit the International Music scene! Long LiVe PrImE CiRcLe!!!!!!
Rock Chic 2008/07/07 3:45 PM
Prime Circle Rocks They are the best band in SA!!!
Lime 2008/07/07 4:05 PM
Same goes for you.... I met the guys from Prime Circle this weekend and they didn't disappoint. I have been in love with their music since their hit CD reached our stores in Namibia. They are a phenomenal band with great dreams,wonderful music and a LOT of talent!!!!So personally I think since Toy is in the most "original", "inspired" band in South Africa-then why don't you even TRY and do the half Prime Circle has done???Oh and by the way,they are going to make it international-I have all my faith in them!!!!!
sonja 2008/07/07 7:25 PM
You are PRIME!!!! Well done! You're guys are great!!!! Congrats on your new cd!!! I'm sure you are going to have a very successfull tour!!! See you in Langebaan on New years eve!!!
Tevya 2008/07/09 1:44 PM
Prime Circle Rocks Hey Guys!!!! Awesome, Well Done! - am so excited bout ur new album, hope 2 see you live in Pretoria soon again>
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