Prince - Musicology - Prince - Musicology

2006-03-29 19:03

Everyone has a favourite Prince album. Sign O' the Times, lovesexy, Purple Rain... or in my case, the Batman Soundtrack. And any fan is always hoping he'll come up with another that's as good as the one they love the most.

Prince has, without a shadow of doubt, the sexiest voice in pop, and that's without sounding like a gerbil choking on someone else's nuts (yes, I'm talking about you, Kylie). He's yummy.

He's also able to get away with unadulterated cuteness and narcissism - calling his album "Musicology" just for a start. Drawing heavily, cheekily on of the cover design of The Roots' Phrenology. Spelling "eye" as a picture of an eye in the lyrics, to as "2", your as "Ur" - like a squeaky teenager writing an SMS. Self indulgent? Ah, gloriously so! But this is Prince, the inventor of Prince. He can indulge himself as much as it pleases him.

Of course everyone also will admit that Prince (by whatever name) has also produced many shoddy albums. When you experiment and innovate, you're bound to make the odd expensive mistake.

This is not one of them. The changes to his sound are pretty subtle, and positive. He's added more body and intricacy to his arrangements, taking advantage of state of the art production as always. But essentially the core is the same as the classic prince stuff. Expect the same funky, rocky pop sounds and the same silky, sustained ballads brimming with tension. He seems to have returned to his core musical identity and I'm very glad to have him back.

So, could Musicology turn out to be a favourite? I haven't been able to stop listening to it, purely for love of sounds he makes. While I'm not sure it's really got one of those stand-out singles that makes listening to the top ten worthwhile, there's not a single track I'd skip, either.

- Jean Barker


"...despite a few good moments, I'm missing Prince now more than ever."
- Dominique Leone on

"Musicology has more expression in the first note than I've heard from some artists in their entire careers."
- Jim Simmons for

Nothing, and I mean nothing, seems to keep this short but sexy star down. And Musicology may just put him back on his pedestal.

Clinton 2004/07/05 11:45 AM
Who is Jean Barker? Kylie's last few albums are far better than the aweful bunch of whining and moaning that prince has produced.
Jean Barker 2004/07/05 11:51 AM
Who cares? Kylie doesn't write her own songs or have much to do with producing the album. She sort of sings, and appears half naked in FHM, so I don't know what she deserves credit for. Perhaps you can explain your opinion. And have you heard Prince? It's a bit more sophisticated than Kylie, but if you give it a chance it might grow on you. if you give it a chance... Alicia Keys - Diary of Alicia Keys
Lindsey 2004/07/05 4:24 PM
cool great sterio mcs and ninja tunes
Clyde 2004/07/06 8:13 AM
Linda Eder Never before have i heard a voics like this. She is pure angel. The new Barbara!! Linda Eder It's Time
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