Pull the Pin - Stereophonics

2007-10-25 08:50
The Stereophonics in turn merge with memories of Nirvana on the anti-apathy opener, “Soldiers make good targets”, which signals the beginning of, no NOT the explosive sexy stuff the cover pic promises but instead a socially conscious critique of a cruel world. And it’s all washed with a nostalgic feel that reaches back to the 90s and – on accoustic numbers – deeper into the past.

Beneath the inoffensively melodic drive-time veneer encased in pink and yellow lurk packaging lurks just enough variations to make a balanced (but not actually boring) set of ballads and stompers.
“Bank Holiday Monday” is probably the likely single, but there’s no track here that’ll move anyone to declare this the “rock album of the year”. Plus, it’s way, way too retro to win them any new fans. This is for loyal followers who dug Language. Sex. Violence. Other? . There’s more of the same thing they liked last time, and a song partly about trying to feel a girls boobs too, called “I could lose ya”.

Fair enough. An established band is under no obligation to learn new tricks when half the sweaty, fleeting heroes of SA’s late night, fake-convers-wearing tequila dives are still borrowing all their old ones.

- Jean Barker

Pull the Pin evokes vague memories of watching so many long-forgotten local rock wannabees that have sounded eerily like the Stereophonics over the years.

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