Pussycat Dolls - Doll Domination

2008-10-07 09:45
The group are one doll down, can you guess who is missing? Probably not. The five remaining members consist of four anonymous hot bodies doing the splits in a music video behind lead singer Nicole Sherzinger.

None of the Pussycat Dolls can sing. Of course they can dance - that is not even up for debate - but they are not celebrated for having great vocal chops. And no, you PCD fans, Melody can't sing, she can scream and screech...albeit in tune with the beats.
Apparently having only five members means that PCD had to bring in the inveitable VIP reinforcements in the form of Snoop, Missy and R. Kelly to create Doll Domination. It's these collaborations that make this album.

"Bottle Pop" with Snoop is a cool electro-pop-dance tune. "Whatcha Think about That" with Missy is experimental and catchy. "Out Of his Club" with R. Kelly and Polow Da Don sounds as if producer Palow called in favours and hacked together a hit using various R. Kelly cuts and even a line or two from Fergie's "Glamorous". Right. On all of these collaborations you'll wonder where PCD is dancing in the back of the recording studio while the real artists are doing the work?

Stil, Doll Domination proves that miracles do happen. Timbaland and Polow Da Don (Fergie, Ludacris, R. Kelly) have turned six dancers into recording artists and churned out a fabulously funky album. So kids, apparently you can be anything you want when you grow up.

- Ashlin Simpson

Sure the Pussycat Dolls sell sex and fantasy. But what's worse is that without any singing talent whatsoever, they somehow sell great music.

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A. Smit 2008/10/08 12:56 PM
Kidding me? Great, heavy metal get blamed for killings but they can go out and sell sex to children and little girls and they get paid fat? Yeah no better image for your kids then talentless stick figures with too much money and not enough clothes, wow...have six year olds singing "loosen up my bottons" now that is someone to look up to!
Olwethu 2008/10/08 2:45 PM
The O I totally disagree. The dolls were able to hold their own in their very successful first single. They are the full package with dancing and singing talent: which is what every performer should be. Nicole especially displays this in live performances- where you hear her voice live. The concept of the Pussycat Dolls is based on beautiful dancing and singing girls from the time they were just a cabaret performance. Nicole is lead because she has the most experience and her physical appearance stands out from the rest; likewide Beyonce back when Destiny's Child released their first album.
Taboo 2008/10/08 3:18 PM
Kak! Melody CAN sing, what do you know? Can you sing? You probably think Britney can sing ...WRONG!
Stewart 2008/10/08 3:33 PM
Agree with A. Smit Yip, this is the real "satanic music", if there even is such a thing. It might seem like a joke, but the slightly subliminal messages from pop music like this is what is destroying the youth.
Satan Beelzebub 2008/10/08 4:32 PM
Don't agree with religious crazies C'mon you bunch of religious FREAKS (yes, that means YOU STEWART and A.SMIT) get a freakin life. Georgie Bush and his crew of christian zealots murder innocents in the name of "Jesus" and you are worried about the PCD...har har har. Go pray to your god to give you a BRAIN.
JJ 2008/10/08 5:15 PM
Charts Pussycat Dolls first album charted 2005 and only left the beginning of this year - a total of 924 weeks on 18 worldwide charts. Compare with Britneys best album - 546 chart weeks and Christina's best album - 760 chart weeks. Not bad for singers without any singing talent whatsoever - or maybe someone does not know what singing talent is.
G. Taylor 2008/10/08 11:48 PM
Agree to disagree A.Smit I agree, first off it is not about religion, it's about image. Who said a word about religion! Come on, lets face it, would rather listen to someone who is all inked up than dressed like someone who would ask me to pay for sex! Stewart and A Smit, well looks like we are in a boat of our own... Along with people who seem to know real music from prefabricated marketing boardroom vomit. Hey, the public have a right to decide who they pay money to listen to, I do not judge, judgement only gets more judgement I joke.... Listen to whoever you want, who cares if they are dressed like prossies? All in the name of marketing
Richard 2008/10/09 9:38 AM
Religious? Who let the God -botherers out? Good grief, I never would expect christian fundalmentalists to now attack pop music, where will it end? Opera? Is Opera a secret satantic chanting ritual? Stay tuned!!
A Smit 2008/10/09 1:23 PM
For the record In case you misread, I was never talking about religion, to me the word religion is noting, the word is dead to me. I was talking about image! Image! I was talking about the outer! So drop the whole religion thing, get to the real deal, the crappy music!
Nishen 2008/10/14 11:41 AM
PCD i guess you can't satisfy everyone.. but lucky there's lots of other music out there so people are free to go listen to something else.. PCD work well together.. Nicole tried the solo thing but hasn't even released her album as yet - just a few singles a while back.. melody is not too bad - her song with jibbs was excellent.. fav songz from PCD 2008: PCD - I Hate This Part, PCD ft diddy, lil wayne - When I grow up, PCD ft missy, andre 3000 - Whatcha Think About That
Honest Masiya 2008/11/22 9:01 PM
Hot Wow when i heard When i grow up i was blown awy thnkng t was the only one wow the rest of the CD is a smash.... Just lyk that All the best Dollz
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