Putumayo Presents - Americana

2007-09-13 10:16
Country-flavoured music also has a subtler face than Dolly Parton's loveably brassy big breasted one, called Americana on this relaxing collection showcasing artists whose influences reach into American music's still-melting pot.

Touchingly sad but smoothed by a brief, upliftingly wry kind of acceptance, the songs are infused with the strong pop sense of the musicians, who've all in some way felt and rediscovered their musical origins, not just regurgitated them, in their journeys from quite different musical places here. They're all highly credible, even legendary, but not big names - at least, not outside the massive North American country and bluegrass scene! This collection, Americana is comfortable, it's songs sliding neatly one to another in a simple but canny sequence.

Upbeat, but in a whistful sorta way, Americana is about goodbyes, bars, love lost and all that beautifully minor-key madness. Like all surviving pop classical, and like some unfinished love affairs, it's brief and bittersweet.

- Jean Barker

Country music is "world music". All music is, which is what makes the term so bloody annoying, for those of us who continually have our country's music relegated to that dungeon all the time. Viva Putumayo!

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Alfie 2007/09/18 4:37 PM
It's a gamble Glad to hear this Putumayo is ok, I saw it and love my country music, but after recent Putumayo experiences I didn't want to take the gamble. I bought 3 discs from Putumayo this year. World Music Volume 2, World Reggae and World Lounge. WMV2 are basically unlistenable - screechy and irritating - not like the Caribbean and S-American music I know. Huge disappointment after WMV 1. The World Reggae CD - it not about Reggae sounds at all – you’ll hardly hear a Jamaican note on the whole CD. If you’re into little French love songs - yeah get it. (Alpha Blondie’s' piece excluded). The World Lounge CD is excellent! Ja, so I'll see if I can trust the editors at Putumayo again... don’t think so. Will have to compile my own stuff
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