Putumayo Presents - Latin Reggae

2008-06-03 19:27
So what better genre for them to use than reggae, a musical form that’s one of the most universal – keeping clubs sweaty in from France to Mozambique and everywhere in between with simple, accessible chilled beats and a tradition of social consciousness adapted to the local language and issues?

How about adding a dash of Flamenca? Sure sounds like it should work. Unforunately this collection of latin reggae, while slick as their compilations ever were, seems somewhat restrained on the whole, and ultimate boring. However the opening track "Conversationes Incompatibles" by Muchachachito Bombo Infierno, "Charito Va" by Radio Malanga work, Los Cafres' (yep, same word, sort of, but with a "C") recipe for reggae is amusing (but musically dull).

There’s nothing on the album to jar you, but nothing terribly exciting, either. An interesting and chilled collection of tracks, but no more.

- Jean Barker

Despite accusations of being "world music lite", Putumayo’s collections do open many music fans’ minds to stuff they wouldn’t ordinarily explore, by packaging generally quality, accessible so called "world music" better than anyone else does – from track selection and discovering obscure, right down to using cardboard sleves instead of crappy plastic sleaves that break and scratch the discs.

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