Q.ba. Lounge 2 - Caffe Culture

2008-06-18 08:41
The best that can be said about QBAL2CC’s cooling interludes is that they’re all utterly inoffensive. The mostly second singles from smoothed voiced girls like Norah Jones ("Angels"), Grace Jones ("I’ve Seen That Face Before"), and Tasha Baxter ("All I Can Think About") are spun out to twice their original length with some bloopy beats, water sounds, samples and sweet doefs. "Sex Sells" (Rithma) is one of the best on the disk.

But is it art? In short: no. It’s just very well-executed recycling.

- Jean Barker

This collection of chilled reworkings is just what it sounds like – background stuff, intended for play in stylish clothing retail outlets, or overpriced drinking environments. Everything about it is designed neither to interrupt your conversation, nor make you look fat in new boots.

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