R. Kelly - TP.3 Reloaded

2006-03-30 00:45

The first song, "Playa's only" (sic.) - a fantasy of the closed boys' party full of willing and wild girls - sets the tone for the album. "Happy Summertime" keeps the cool summer thing going. "(Sex) In the kitchen" is easily the best track on the album, and genuinely erotic: Try "hands on the table / on your tippy toes". Even though his songs fail to touch you emotionally, Kelly successfully maintains the illusion that he's touching you in, um, other ways. "Slow wind" stays with the same kind of theme. As does "Put my T-Shirt On"... Yes, expect song after song about shagging, or wanting to.

Thanks to R. Kelly's fantastic voice, this album mostly works well enough. But the constant beating about the same topic is gradually headache-inducing. It doesn't help that Kelly goes falsetto for the very stock "Remote control", but doesn't pull it off and just ends up sounding like a wheedling, whining lapdog.

However, the Trapped in the Closet DVD that comes free with the album, is a completely different story. It's brilliantly filthy and adulterous. It's a soap 'opera' (literally, all the words are sung) with lots of twists and shocks, buff guys and hot babes, sex scenes and couple fights.

The drama begins with R. Kelly realising he's overslept accidentally, not at home but in a stranger's bed. The husband of the woman he's messing around with comes home, surprising them and causing some postcoital confusion. But the husband and R. Kelly's steady girlfriend both have some secrets of their own... Grimly farcical, Trapped in the Closet is a Jerry Springer-style whodunnitowho shot in seductive bedroom light.

The songs from the DVD are also there in audio format on the main CD, and you could follow the story in audio too, which makes sense since soap opera originated as radio serial dramas which were sponsored by soap brands.

While the CD is nothing groundbreaking, the mini-soap DVD proves R. Kelly hasn't lost his innovative sense of what makes him the leader of the urban pack.

- Jean Barker

It beats me how he does it. He's one of the few artists who have the amazing ability to release one hot album after another.
- Bulelwa Languza for iAfrica.com

...like all of his previous work over the past 13 years, he has given R&B fans something to sing about.
- Jozen Cummings for Pop Matters

Controversial but not yet proven to be all bad, R. Kelly is the king of soppy smut, with 26 Top 40 hits, and an Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2001 MOBO Awards to his name. He's back, with this collection of sex songs and a 5-part musical soap opera entitled "Trapped...In The Closet" on the Bonus DVD that comes with the new album.

Kelly Fan 2005/08/05 3:14 PM
DVD The DVD is very funny and very very good. It's worth buying the Album just for the DVD definitely. Leela James "Change is gonna come"
jacob 2005/08/05 11:02 PM
tp3 r kelly tp3
LEAGHAN MOLLER 2005/08/07 5:10 PM
tp 3 reloaded not bad, but need to hear more, send cd with dvd AMERIE
John 2005/08/27 9:31 AM
Very Good CD and DVD Very good CD and DVD. Traped in the Closet clever! Silverstein - 'Discovering the Waterfront'
Quintin 2005/08/27 1:49 PM
Mr Too slutty
Neliswa 2005/08/30 11:27 AM
R. Kelly's Latest Album TP3 Reloaded He wants to be called the greatest scientist of music and i think that would be a title well earned. I have followed this great musician since his first album and he has not disappointed me one single bit. I'm a fan through and through. His the greatest and there is no doubt about it. He has taken the world of R'n b to another level that only he can maintain. John Legend
tsholofelo 2005/08/30 5:22 PM
trap in the closed i could like to see it
amos 2005/10/25 5:00 PM
R Kelly Not vintage R but its creative and brave. No artist can change his audiance target and still get the whole world mouth opened. R in RnB Baby Face - Grown And Sexy
nhlanhla 2005/11/10 3:52 PM
trapped in the closet the music video is the bomb, the should be part 6 to 10. i'm the biggest fan. all of his CD's
trinity 2006/03/23 4:16 PM
if tommorow never comes joose joose
Linda 2007/07/30 8:22 PM
Trapped in the closet The man is really knows how to put talent and skill together.his creativity blends very well with his music skill. He is the king.
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