R.E.M. - Acclerate

2008-04-09 05:47
This is how I felt when R.E.M. released albums like Around The Sun. They were one of the super groups of the 20th century, and had earned a pedestal in the hall of fame in my heart. But really, I started to smell formaldehyde when Around The Sun came out. Much like an ageing guy who insists on wearing the latest Nike's to try stay 'cool', R.E.M. were starting to sound like boring old men.

Not anymore though. Not with their 14th (yes, FOURTEENTH) album. Entering the charts in high # 1 and # 2 spots around the world Accelerate is the album that R.E.M had to release in order to stay credible. It's similar in style and sound to all time classics like Automatic for the People mixed with a bit of Out Of Time.

First radio friendly single "Supernatural Superserious" is so contagious it can even be heard on the likes of stations like Highveld. A noteworthy mention in this broadcast age of 'we only play urban music' mentality.

Other stand outs proving that Michael Stipe and co. definitely still deserve their modern day rock granddaddy status include the "Night Swimming"-tinged "Until the Day Is Done", the epileptically catchy "Man Sized Wreath" and the quiet fury of forthcoming, second single "Hollow Man". Welcome back R.E.M., a lot of people have missed you.

- Painter Jane

There's nothing worse than when a band you have loved your whole life starts to disappoint you. You start pretending to yourself subconsciously that you like the new stuff and then come up with elaborate and seductive ways to lie to your friends about why it's still so great.

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mused 2008/04/09 1:53 PM
all time classics As a REM follower I have to agree that their last few albums failed to impress me, but reading some review like this make we want to hurl. Can you truly quote that the latest album (which I have not heard, yet) sound like "all time classics" like Automatic for the People and Out Of Time (which Michael Stipe himself proclaimed as their worst album ever)? How old are you? Where are the days of Green, Document, Life's Rich Pageant etc. I am almost to scared to listen to Acclerate after this review, cause can any REM listener real endure another commercial bubble-gum pop album.
mandy-lee 2008/04/09 5:23 PM
hey? what's wrong with commercial bubble-gum pop?
craig 2008/04/09 9:39 PM
REM Authority I actually spoke to Michael about the latest album. he said it was 'cool'. As I later found out, it wasn't Michael Stipe from REM, but Michael Stiep from Dullstroom. But his friend actually knew someone who had downloaded some REM when he was in Bloemfontein (internet cafee he called it). So he must be right!
Elisabeth Nortje 2008/04/10 4:25 PM
Pure Genius!!!!! Long time REM follower you must give Accelerate a listen... it is very, very good! It does not sound like Automatic For The People at all!!! It IS more a return to pre 90's REM. It reminds of Life's Rich Pageant and Document and even some New Adventures in Hi-Fi (My favourite post 90's album). If you are more than just a casual Losing My Religion and Night Swimming fan you will recognize the pure genius of this album! ps..who cares if it is played on Highveld....not really a standard I want to use to judge good music by.......
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