Randall Abrahams - Great Singers, Great Songs

2006-03-30 08:30

This compilation serves to somewhat explain Randall Abrahams' fury at the bungled attempts of Idols contestants to actually sing. And there are some great singers, and great songs on this collection of tracks.

But often it's more a case of great singer, dodgy song, revolting arrangements and tasteless production. Whitney Houston's rendition of "All at once" with its cataclysmic theme and even more cataclysmic build, is a case in point. Whitney has better songs in this vein, like "Didn't We Almost Have it All." If you want your vocal histrionics (and Idols fans probably do) then "Didn't we almost" delivers them better.

Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" may be one of the best pop songs ever recorded. But is Britney really a "great" singer? No, she's just pretty good. Would you really describe the Beach Boys as "great" singers? Their whining vocals have their charms, but that deadened sound is nothing if not dated.

The key to a good compilation is not just ingredients, it's also... wait for it... compiling! Randall hasn't done an outstanding job here. The tracks, rather than being surprising in their combinations, are matched rather obviously - the Beach Boys follow the Everly Brothers. Anyone with a CD burner could have thought of that song sequence. No Randall required!

So yes, there are some great singers, and some great songs on this CD, and now and again a great singer does a great song.

But there's really no reason to buy it, unless you're making an informed choice, between an Idols winner's efforts and this. If you find yourself in that highly unfortunate position, Great Singers, Great Songs may be the more rewarding option. Which isn't saying much for it.

- Jean Barker


Abrahams must've been influenced by some divine force when he put this one together... Mmm, must've been love.
- Bulelwa Languza for iAfrica.com

Acid tongued Idols judge Randall Abrahams attempts to prove his good taste and good judgement through this compilation of tracks by artists he loves. And boy, does he fail.

mamaoracle 2005/11/20 10:28 AM
great singers, great songs wot he knows about compiling is equal to wot he knows about judging ......... perhaps these are his favourites ? simple minds, black and white 2005
Annie 2005/11/20 10:36 AM
great singers, great songs come on you lot - this is just what it is claimed to be - 'someones list of THEIR favourite songs' its his list of PERSONAL favourites. who cares if they are not our idea of 'whats good' or not - they ARE his choice. buy it if you like them. simple as that!!! diana krall
Dan Shout 2005/11/20 5:15 PM
Randall clearly clueless I can't believe that someone who calls himself an expert in music has left off some of the greatest singers of all times. I find this compilation very narrow minded and with all the great stuff available nowadays, maybe Randall should be doing some listening in a CD store.
morag 2005/11/20 10:02 PM
morag i liked the songs Randall chose except Britney's song. maybe us coloureds all have the same taste and that is why we know Karin is a star and if u look at how our party's rock we cant all be wrong! luther vandross's 'dance with my father '
Goda 2005/11/21 3:42 PM
Song choices There are some cool songs on here but that doesn't make it worth buying. Anyone could have put this together. It's unimaginative.
Siobhan 2006/01/11 3:19 PM
ARG!! How can someone with so much experience in the music industry not explore different genres of music. Besides Britney (YUCK!) it's all the same rubbish. Is he trying to entertain us or bore us to death. Come on! Just turn your radio on and you'll hear talent. I vote we ban Randall from Idols. the man obviously doesn't know music. Anything except this and Britney
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