Randy Crawford – The Love Songs

2009-10-07 17:03
The Love Songs
The Love Songs kicks off with "One day I'll Fly Away", everyone's favourite R&B escape ballad. Uh-huh. This is a compilation for those crazies who sing "Imagine" in the shower and the iconic "Almaz" when they're feeling sad.

Even if you're not an avid fan, her distinctive quivering voice gets into your head and heart whether she waxes lyrical about love ("One Hello"), being in love ("Secret Combination"), or longing for love ("Windsong", "Someone To Believe In"). And her ballads about unrequited love ("You Might Need Somebody", "He Reminds Me") and love lost ("One Day I'll Fly Away", "Rainy Night In Georgia", "Real Life", "Tender Falls The Rain") are like Zambuck for broken hearts and shredded self-esteem.

But it's not all moodiness and melancholy. Prepare for a heavy dose of 80s flavor and synth in "Nightline", philosophy in "Tradewinds" and "Imagine", bluesy Bassey-like influence in "Everything Must Change" and a jazzy feel on "I Don’t Want To Lose Him."

Now straight up….Which Randy song is your all time favourite?

Seeing Randy Crawford live in concert proved to me that like Mrs Balls chutney, she's firmly lodged on a list of South African likes along with other inexplicable items like koeksisters, melktert and Vicks. She was showered with so much love by the audience that she only had to sing the first half of a tune and the crowd sang the rest.

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