Raul Midon

2007-11-21 17:07
Mediocrity is the flavour of this ‘world within a world’ with Midon’s almost-conscious lyrics masquerading as some sort of ‘soulful’ jazz.

Still, thanks to some seamless production by Joe Mardin, the album is well focused and does spill from one track to the next with ease. It’s also spiced with a well balanced hybrid of genres including R&B, pop, jazz, soul and folk that are all coloured with the gentle guitar strumming that seems to be Midon’s trademark (or cliché?). Such acoustic soul searching is not unbearable. It just won’t win him a place in the charts or in many singer songwriter CD collections.

- Natalie Sineke De Freitas
The tone of Raul Midon’s latest album is dreary despite its attempt to be upbeat. It whines with all-too-mellow beats and redundant vocals which lack any X-factor and blend into the background, giving the listener a distant melancholic itch.

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