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Ray J - All I Feel

2008-09-01 06:37
While the lyrics leave much to be desired and his voice isn't particularly special, he does handle production smoothly and by the fourth song, you're bumping your head to his rhymes. The biggest hit from this album, "Sexy Can I" is pure addiction, but the best track by far is "Good Girl Gone Bad" (featuring Shorty Mack) which includes a sample from an old school song in a really slick intro.

Overall, Ray J's a really slick and multi-talented money-making machine –something he could teach big sis, Brandy, who's fallen off the radar since 2001. He's dabbled in every music pie there is: song writing, record production, singing and he's even tried his hand at rapping and acting. You can't deny he's got talent, even if his voice is not spectacular.
He's come far from his days starring alongside Brandy, as her annoying little brother on tv sitcom Moesha . Now Ray J's all grown up and combines good boyish looks with mild tones and husky seductive whispers. Ray J doesn't have Usher's rather brash sex appeal but he still strokes you softly and coaxes you into submission with his smooth rhythms.

Overall, All I Feel grows on you a little at a time and the album gets better as you go along. One thing's for sure, it's not the sensitive soulful Ray J we knew from his last album, Raydiation which had the whiny R&B hit "One Wish". He's dangerously sexier but he treads the line between sleazy and sexy lightly without slipping into the no go zone.

- Kele Scheppers

Clearly Ray J loves sex and he also knows a good R&B beat when he hears it. He combines seriously sexy lyrics with real thumping beats. He wrestles with jealousy and infidelity with a mellow groove in "All I Feel" and "Boyfriend".

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