Redd-Angel - Fabulous Vol 1

2006-03-29 19:51

The perky patter of "I'm Sorry", or his chart friendly euro-pop flavoured cover of the classic "Man In the Mirror" (complete with chintzy synthesisers and a lush vocal intro) are the best kind of silly pop. The heady hit "Fabulous Day" rubs up against the urgently paced "Oh No part 1"'s chorus of mixed whispers and relaxed rap.

Redd-Angel has an incredible voice - as clean as Craig David's with a hint of Michael Jackson's funky pop ache, and a tone warmer than a summer's day in South Africa.

This golden voice is his killer asset, since he's no songwriter, or likely to do more than say the obvious in interviews, if the sleeve notes are anything to go by: "TO ALL MY FANS: I LOVE YOU ALL! TO ALL THE PLAYER-HATERS: WHATCHA GONNA DO NOW??? LAST BUT NOT LEAST UNIE MOLLER - THANX FOR PUTTING UP WITH ALL MY SH#@. LOVE YOU. PEACE!!!!!"

Redd-Angel's produced (in the UK by Unie Muller of Sexy Records) to sound like he could come from anywhere. Just the odd slight trace of his South African accent remains. Perhaps this is a slight pity - an exotic cadence might have given his sound something to call its own. On the other hand, he's aiming at the international pop market, where the more you fit in with guy the radio DJ played before you, the better your chances of a Number 1 hit become.

Overall, a smooth, classy record with a few classic hits and a lot of pleasant pop padding. Good fun! Not to be taken too seriously.

- Jean Barker


Fabulous Vol 1 is a well-balanced mix of club songs and traditional R&B ballads. Redd-Angel has an exceptional voice which adapts to the different styles extremely well.
- Riaaz Palmer for Tonight, Gauteng

Home grown international R&B and pop star Redd-Angel shows why he's such a hit in France, Spain and the UK with this slickly produced and fairly fresh-sounding collection of poppy, danceable R&B/Soul songs.

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