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Relient K - Score and Seven Years Ago

2007-07-30 11:08
If your grandma was trying to tune into the emo-punk scene she would probably choose herself a theme song from Score and Seven Years Ago. These Christian rockers from the Midwest sure keep it soft and fun. Most of their songs are conventional pop punk, with similar guitar riffs and vocals that they might as well have called themselves ‘Compliant K’.

But ask a dominee’s opinion and he’ll probably give you a totally different story. In many Christian circles these boys are sure to be seen as hell raisers. With songs titled “Faking My Own Suicide” and “Deathbed” you can understand why. Incidentally, these tracks are two of the only original songs on the album.

Churches also have this against them: Relient K try to not directly address Christianity in their music or use words such as ‘Jesus’, ‘God’ or ‘Holy Spirit’. They prefer preaching through addressing feelings and situations teenagers find themselves in. Basically, they ‘compromise’, something your minister will tell you makes Jesus very unhappy. Compromising also guarantees they are too soft for the punk scene and too hardcore for the Christian rock genres.

Okey-dokey, so what do they sound like? Mostly a blancmange of The Beach Boys (listen to the intro), NOFX and Blink 182 with similar drumbeats and lead guitar squeals. “Forgiven” does push their envelope though, and is a little reminiscent of U2.

If you are between 14 and 16 years old, you might enjoy Relient K, but the more mature emo-punk follower (an oxymoron?) will be bored, unless he IS the dominee, of course.

- Annel Malan

Christian pop punk band, Relient K might be rocking ‘the hell’ out of churches across America but their new album, Score and Seven Years Ago doesn’t offer much new to the alternative punk scene.

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