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2006-03-29 19:18

Most over 30s will remember the hit, "The Living Years", and if you liked that song you might like this. It's a slightly more electronic album than their 80s and early 90s stuff. Think soft rock middle of the road melodies, Paul Carrack vocals (he's replaced Paul Young) that sound like they could have come straight from a bank, life insurance, or family 4x4 advert. They're nice - well pitched, smooth, powerful and puerile.

The use of production and remixing is dull and unexciting - Mike Rutherford is completely behind the times, and not in an inspiringly "Retro" Yello way. More in a "It's bargain bin before you know it" way. The title track is particularly awful, combining gulping electronics and echoes and guitars in a mind-bogglingly tasteless mess.

But most annoying thing of all about this album is actually the lyrics. One preachy piece of simplistic pop psychology follows another. "If I were you" offers advice on relationships. "Perfect child" is a pious piece about how his kid deserves a er... perfect world. And so on - all pitched in an infuriatingly reasonable and moderate monotone that's enough to make you want to run into the parking lot and go draw rude pictures all over other people's cars with a magic marker.

So, this CD sticks largely to the Mike and the Mechanics formula. Their fans can safely rejoice at having them back. Everyone else: run like hell.

- Jean Barker


Rutherford wrote about his father on The Living Years, now he wants a perfect world for his children. Maybe it would be if he hadn't written this.
- Nigel Bell for BBC Nottingham

Anyone the wrong side of 35 will perhaps hear Perfect Child as an anthem to the most important things in life, just as they took The Living Years to their hearts. Anyone younger is likely to loathe it as mawkish bilge.
- Paul Young for Manchester online
They're back! Whether you'll welcome them or recoil in horror depends largely on whether you grew up on 80s radio, and whether you've moved on or just replaced your vinyl collection with the same stuff on CD.

goda 2004/08/27 5:07 PM
Mike and the Mechanics Oh no. This is one of those CDs that makes you hate the world for being so full of people with NO TASTE in music. Pheonix - Alphabetical
ayanda 2004/08/31 4:39 PM
love dont start with the heart India Arie
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