Riaan Grobler - Sewe Dae & Sewe Nagte

2009-01-09 14:56
All-rounders are a rare thing: people with the talent and the audacity to succeed at everything. The rest of us make do by focusing on our strengths. By the end of Sewe Dae en Sewe Nagte, it’s not clear what Riaan’s are. Vocally, he’s no Chris Chameleon. He doesn’t have the flair for gatstamp of, say, Nicholis Louw. And with Nianell in the gospel game, who needs Riaan?
This isn’t the worst sokkie pop album you’ve ever heard. In fact, it’s a little more polished than most. But if you’re just painting by numbers, what’s the point?

- Niel Bekker
Well, Riaan Grobler has dug himself a hole. Sokkie? Check. Gospel? Check. English tunes? You bet. Unfortunately, a breadth of material comes to naught if you steadfastly refuse to do anything original. This is just another made-for-TV album.

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