Richard X presents his X-Factor Vol.1 - Richard X mixes have the se(x) factor

2006-03-29 18:25

Actually, the ex-bedroom rhythm plunderer mixes together an increasingly bewitching beat platter that moves from funky retro-new wave jams to garage techno groovers 'n shakers and back, allowing a variety of guest luminaries to bring their own particular appeal to the party.

His "We Don't Give a Damn mix" of the Sugababes "Freak Like Me" cooks up a seriously sexy noir soul mood thanks to it's "interpolation" of Gary Numan's "Are Friends Electric". It's precisely this sex machine factor that's unfortunately lacking in the tepid garage grooves of Liberty X ("Being Nobody") and Javine ("You Used to Be") who do little more than re-tread water in a formulaic ocean of sound. Yet despite the odd idiomatic stutter - the synth disco fog of Kelis' "Finest Dreams" - X invariably marks the spot.

"Rock Jacket" welds Spandau Ballet's synth swagger (from "Chant No.1") to off the beat, but on the money electro-funk keyboard swirls and robotic vocoder vocal murmurs. While "Just Friends" sounds as though Ultravox were trapped in a glitch-lite cinematic groove noir while being massaged by the breathy vocal titillations of the Human League! You can almost picture X twiddling the knobs, smiling at just how hip he is helping Tiga re-create an early Depeche Mode aural delight ("You Better Let Me Love You") or Jarvis Cocker tune into the Mazzy Star skewered "Into U".

Best of all though is his yawning translation of Bacharach and David's "Walk on By" which somehow manages to make Deborah Evans-Stickland's newsreader spoken word vocal cameo sound shag worthy.

If X-Factor Vol.1 is anything to go by then erstwhile bootleg beat maverick Richard X clearly prides himself on being something of a stylist when it comes to walking the artistic tightrope between club-friendly grooves and merely mundane beat structures.

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