Ricky Martin - 17

2009-09-02 16:17

17 is more than just a number. It's the amount of years Ricky Martin has been "Livin la Vida Loca". Ricky first rose to fame as a member of the Latin boy band Menudo before he became a hip swinging sensation. From being a devoted dad to fathering adorable twin boys born through surrogacy to feeding the poor of the world, he really has come a long way since he burst onto the music scene serenading us with "Maria".

Despite being his third compilation, revisiting all of his Spanish and English sung hits  really does still make you want to "Shake your bon bon".  The boyish charm he exhibits on the 1998 FIFA World Cup anthem, "Cup of Life" is a personal favorite; sweeping those tabloid headlines about his questionable sexual orientation aside.

The collaborations are a special treat for Ricky fans (and even  those who won't admit they once were). He sure  knows how to pick the perfect duet partner . Pop princess Christina Aguilera sexes up "Nobody Wants To Be Lonely", while Fat Joe and Amerie give  "I don't care"" just the right hip-hop bling and booty factor. 

In contrast, "Non Siamo Soli" pays homage to his Latin roots with by inviting Eros Ramazzotti round for a beautiful  ballad duet.

Based on the versatility he shows on these 17 tracks, Ricky has proved he's got more shelf life than your average prefab pop wonder. His personal life may be filled with taking his boys to school when the time comes and teaching them how to shake their bon bon but as far as his musical future goes, it's surely only  a matter of time before his next smash hit. Who know, perhaps even a collaboration with the dynamic Jay-Z and Miss Beyonce?

Just when you thought you could forget about Ricky Martin, the Latin pop hottie has women sighing “ay caramba!” with the 17 sexiest and sauciest songs of his 17 year career.

preshen govender 2009/09/03 8:47 AM
Me like it when he shakes he bon bon’s
Susan Kacev 2009/09/04 7:00 PM
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