Ricky Martin - Life

2006-03-30 11:54

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Ricky Martin probably wouldn't have made it big in pop if he were as ugly as sin. But that doesn't mean his music has no value at all. So let's give him a chance. He certainly seems to believe it's about more than just the video - he described this third album as a move towards greater integrity, even describing it as "multilayered."

Admittedly, he has gone for a bit of musical variance, adding some Middle-Eeastern flavours, a bit of reggae, and collaborating with Fat Joe, and RnB / Soul singer Amerie for some syncopated sex appeal on the pleasant "I won't desert you".

But mostly it's love song after love song. Which sells. But the overall feel is of something manufactured into fooling his fans into thinking they're listening to "serious" music. Which is ridiculous. If you want serious music, buy serious music. If you want Ricky Martin, well, rather buy one of his other albums. They're oh-so-silly but at least he was - how you say it - "just being himself". By which, of course, we mean his adopted pop persona, or something.

Listening to Life, it's hard to figure out why people pay so much attention to Ricky Martin. What we have here is nothing if not pleasant. It's probably just a slick, decidedly average pop album. He's no Robbie. And he's certainly no Shakira.

- Jean Barker


"...a scattered mess that spews indiscriminate polish and calculated grit over hackneyed material."
- Barry Walters for Rolling Stone

"Life"! Now, that's rather a long word for a video star, isn't it? Ricky Martin - whose video for "She Bangs" turned every red blooded woman's knees to mush and brains to drool - is back. But is he still banging?

elsie 2006/01/09 9:45 PM
ricky martin - clips Not what we are used to from him. Latin American dance beat appeal more to his voice and swing
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