Ringo Plays the Beatles Card - Ringo Rama spreads it thin

2006-03-29 18:15

Imagine I told you about an original new album featuring some of the greatest names in rock and headed up by one of the Beatles? Many classic rock fans would be excited enough to buy the album without even hearing a track.

That's what Ringo Star must be banking on with Ringorama - selling the album on the back of his name alone.

As he did with his last release, Vertical Man (1998), Ringo has enlisted a formidable posse of vintage rockers in an attempt to give this album credibility. Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Shawn Colvin and Willie Nelson have all lent their legendary auras to Ringo Rama. Ringo also retains his long time collaborator Mark Hudson, who co-produced his last three projects.

Yet despite the spades of talent, legendary names and excellent production that Starr throws at the project, it bombs. Ringo's awful vocals and even more awful lyrics ruin the whole album.

The worst of the tracks, like "Eye to Eye" and "Elizabeth Reigns", sound like parodies of the Beatles. In the others Ringo also works his way ham-handedly through a whole spectrum of rock styles - from the bluesy "Missouri Loves Company" to the psychedelic "Love First, Ask Question Later"- all of them embarrassingly bad. The only thing Ringo achieves is to convince the listener that he was never the song writing talent behind the Beatles.

I'd love to believe that Ringo was doing this one just for love, just to play music and have fun. That would go someway to justifying this rubbish. But everything, from the name of the album, to the old-boys-of-rock club that Ringo drags out of retirement makes me think just one thing - sellout. Ringo wants some cash and some airplay to massage his ego, and he's willing to play his Beatles card to get it.

All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Ringo Star in the Pound seats again.

Goda 2003/06/02 3:38 PM
Truly awful This CD is truly awful. I can second Master Fairweather's opinion of it. It's about as cool as a moustache, or cherry flavoured tobacco pipes. NOT. Blur - Think Tank
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