Rob Thomas – Cradlesong

2009-07-23 08:24
This is his second solo album, and he's gone with the safe formula of soppy, poppy junk to bore me to tears. He's also acting like a real rock star – hoping he can make a success of any old collection of songs (that sound like they've been fermenting in his sock drawer since he left the band) just because of "Smooth" – when everyone knows the weight behind that smash hit was really all Carlos Santana's.

But let's focus on the here and now. Cradlesong is your average, pop-rock album that could easily be mistaken for Prime Circle or Daniel Powter if you didn't recognise Thomas' signature voice. And that's what's so frustrating – good vocals are backed up by incredibly corny, tired lyrics about changing your world ("Someday"), getting tired of it ("Real World '09") then saying sorry ("Hard On You").

So I've heard that many of these songs ("Her Diamonds" in particular) were written about his wife's struggle with her illness. I can admit that's sweet, but you'd think if he really meant it he would have put some more effort in.

We've all heard the stories he's telling before – and he's not offering anything new. The melodies are very 90s. Every now and then he tries something new, like the synths on "Gasoline" and the African drums on "Fire On the Mountain". But unfortunately a sprinkling of salt can't fix burned rice. Rob Thomas has spent way too much time thinking he's hot.

Cradlesong is a platform for Rob Thomas to spew his unoriginal musings on the world, and not the musical journey that you'd expect from someone who's been doing music as long as he has.

What happened to Matchbox Twenty? They were the best thing about Rob Thomas.

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Sean Dupont 2009/08/03 1:49 PM
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Rob Thomas is fantastic. ove everything he has done. The names mentioned in the review are also great artists. That is obviously the market he is aiming for.
Huuyga 2009/08/03 3:24 PM
I read this article before checking the author, as I read the last line I said to myself: "This must have been written by Sam Brighton." And true's bob, one can only laugh when you start identifying the dry old form of criticism of certain writers. lol
kathy 2009/08/18 9:47 AM
Awesome album - Love the voice and the music
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