Rob Thomas - ...Something To Be

2006-03-29 22:29

Don't be fooled into thinking the content of this album is very different from what Rob Thomas did while fronting the rock band Matchbox Twenty. ...Something to be differs musically, but it's about the same stuff.

In his attempt to depart from his rock roots, Rob breaks away from his old rock sound: "If I just made another rock record with two guitarists, a drummer and base player it would be redundant", he said on his website.

His distinctive voice and writing style cannot be hidden beneath the façade of alternative instruments. Rob puts the listener smack in the middle of a story only he understands, just as he did with the songs he wrote for Matchbox Twenty.

From the Justin Timberlake-sounding "Lonely No More" and the teen-pop radio-friendly "This is how the heart breaks" to the folk rock "Problem Girl", Rob's attempt to move his career into a whole new direction is obvious. Although not nearly as good, "Streetcorner Symphony" is reminiscent of the Grammy winning "Smooth" his hit collaboration with Carlos Santana.
Backed by a varied and impressive session band that includes John Meyer on guitar, Dr. Dre bassist Mike Elizondo and the use of spirited horns and a choir for background vocals, this solo debut has a hints of Latin, funk and urban pop..

Overall, ...Something To Be shows Rob Thomas to be a talented and flexible songwriter, but his move away from rock in a "pop star" direction may not appeal fans from Matchbox Twenty days.

- Ashlin Simpson


Even Matchbox-ish numbers like "Ever the same" sound fresh in this new context. Underestimate Thomas at your own peril. (Star rating: 3/5)
- David Wild for Rolling Stone

Since he made his name as Florida hit-making grungy rock band Matchbox Twenty's singer-songwriter, Rob Thomas had a huge hit with "Smooth", a collaboration with Carlos Santana, married a model, and left Matchbox Twenty. This is his first solo album, and the hit "Something to Be" is climbing the SA charts.

Aileen 2005/06/02 10:24 AM
blip on the radar Nobody will remember this album in a few years time. It's not that catchy or that original.
Jon 2005/06/02 10:27 AM
Ha Aileen, you don't kow what you're talking about. Rob is everything Justin T wanted to be, except Rob is TALENTED.
George 2005/06/02 3:16 PM
VERY good I bought this cd and have to say its pretty good.
Mo 2005/06/24 1:56 PM
hmmm I may agree with Aileen. Although the album is good, I don't think it does him any justice. His work with Matchbox 20 was WAY better than this. But its still a good album, and worth getting.
ALEX 2005/12/28 1:56 PM
justin t is no match!!!! You cannot even begin to compare rob to little justin... he was the one who failed in a solo career!!! not rob... I absolutly adore matchbox 20 because it's great music.. But you can really hand it to rob he is making a helluva succes in his solo career.. His music is very good and there is a song for everyone!! he brings the matchbox 20 feel into his own music... its not all that different from the bands music so ja... you are making a huge mistake comparing a star with a loser such as justin t!!!! Rob i even think that this is just the beginning of big things for Rob he is gonna make waves in the music industry just you wait and see!!! rob thomas
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