Robbie Williams - Greatest hits - Robbie Williams - Greatest hits

2006-03-29 20:02

You get two kinds of players on the pop scene. Those who produce "Best Of" collections, and those who produce "Greatest hits" collections. Robbie Williams is, without a shadow of doubt, a "Greatest hits" kind of guy. He's that star whose charisma is at least as important as his actual music. He's climbed the charts. He's made the cover of every magazine.

By writing his own songs and creating his own publicity, Robbie rose from the boy band scene right to the top. He's one of the few heartthrob sex symbols that even straight guys love. He's a hero who did it all, drank it all and shagged them all, but was always more than just a playboy. He's got that rare talent - the gumption to live larger than life. He also writes songs you can relate to, and that you can imagine are a window to his true self and an explanation for what he has done.

He puts the pop back in schmaltz with "Angels" (the song most often played at both funerals and weddings!). He puts the pop back in glam with "Let me entertain you". He puts the pop back in Britpop with "Millennium". He puts the pop back into adult contemporary ballads with "No Regrets", the pop back into Funk and Disco with "Rock DJ", the pop back into show on "Kids". And most importantly, he puts the pop back into pop with the cruel and catchy "Sexed up".

When it comes to style, Robbie has far too much to care which one he chooses to wear on a particular day.

His flexible songwriting is flavoured with self-deprecating humour on singalong successes like "Wrong". His voice - solid but not overly distinctive - easily matches whatever fashion he adopts.

With a lot to choose from, and many mistakes just waiting to be made, this is a Greatest Hits without a bad track (For instance, there's nothing from the slightly lame Swing When You're Winning. Good move!)

Included instead (as is trendy) are two new tracks, the spinning "Radio", and the radio-hit-we'll-never-escape track, "Misunderstood".

What else do you get? The classy black and white CD packaging, which includes a booklet with a cool article and an amusing photo album spanning Robbie's solo career.

When pop is good, it's very, very good. When it's done by a bad, bad boy, it's better, and Robbie Williams is both dangerous and loveable. He's a new era Bowie, the male Madonna. His music is mercurial and as contradictory as he is, and that's an endlessly compelling formula for fame.

- Jean Barker


This has to be Robbie's forte, his ability to make great pop records that always sound fresh and full of energy. Every home should have a copy of this album, and chances are, by the end of 2004, most of them will.
- Melanie Wilkin for

It's been a rocky 13 years, but towering above the personality, the drugs, the girls and the drink, it's the quality of the music that will surely stand as Robbie's legacy.
- Talia Kraines for BBC

"I'm a perfectionist," he says, then feels obliged to qualify this. "A really lazy perfectionist."
- from the sleeve notes by Chris Heath

Fiona Mac Lachlan 2004/11/11 8:59 AM
Robbie Williams Greatest Hits The Best Ever
Leonii Bouwer 2004/11/11 9:55 AM
All All his music is brilliant
Bridget 2004/11/11 12:17 PM
Radio Wonderful. Robbie Williams has done it again Yes
tirsa 2004/11/11 12:44 PM
Angels beautifull as ever
bren 2004/11/11 2:05 PM
Robbie Williams Brilliant singer, brilliant songwriter, brilliant album. Cheers Robbie well done. You're an institution. And for the future, Robbie bring it on!!
Loraine 2004/11/11 3:33 PM
Robbie Williams Greatest Hits Amazing. So many good songs on one cd. Brilliant
Siobhan 2006/04/11 1:46 PM
Robbie Williams When you have it flaunt it, and this man has it!!!!!
Sue 2006/04/11 11:40 PM
Hottie He is the most amazing stage performer. So sorry I didn't make it in time to get tickets. This cd-STUNNING. greatest hits & intensive care
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