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Robert Plant and Alison Krauss - Raising Sand

2009-01-28 08:52
Raising Sand (Rounder, 2007)
Okay, just joking – there was much more than that to Led Zep’s first album, but it does show that Plant has got form when it comes to taking the blues to places it's never been before and didn't know it wanted to go.

Incredibly, I get the same chill listening to the opening of "Rich Man", track one on Raising Sand, as I did all those years ago when the needle hit the groove on Led Zeppelin's eponymous first album, and "Good Times, Bad Times" screamed out. But enough of this nostalgia – Raising Sand doesn't need to stand on the shoulders of giants, one listen will have you convinced that this is a superb album, and the pairing of rock god Plant with bluegrass darling Krauss is exquisitely perfect.

From their hurtling colab on the Everly Brothers’ “Gone Gone Gone”, to Krauss' elegiac and atmospheric rendering of Tom Waits' "Trampled Rose", Plant and Krauss inhabit an incredible range of emotion and power. And Raising Sand doesn't suffer from being produced by Americana anthropologist T Bone Burnett, and from the presence of guitarist Marc Ribot (check out his Muy Divertido!, and other solo work). You'll find that there are peaks and troughs on Raising Sand, and that a listen all the way through is as much a conversation with the two singers, as it is a collection of distinct songs. So make sure you give it the respect it deserves, and it'll give you the pleasure you crave.

It's oddly fitting that the lead singer of that group that started out as a blues covers band should be making an album of bluegrass covers 38 years later.

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Newb 2009/02/03 2:28 PM
Looks like an interesting album
Newb 2009/02/03 2:29 PM
I must say this is an interesting album.
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