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2007-06-13 14:57
It is unfortunate, however, that some young rock and rollers aren’t aware of the lesser known heroes of early psychedelic rock. Look beyond Hendrix, The Who, Led Zep and the Beatles. Beyond the usual tracks on just about every 70’s rock compilation ever made. Take the second track for instance – Deep Purple’s “Burn”… NOT “Smoke on the Water”! Huh? What? That’s right; they actually did write more than one song! Another good example is track 14 “The Red & The Black” by Blue Oyster Cult. You’d be lucky if your average guy on the street knows the suicide anthem “(Don’t fear) The Reaper”.

Besides the fact that this is so much more than just another rock and roll cliché, there are some genuinely obscure tracks on here. Obscure at least to the average listener. Remember Free? Taste? Or Mountain? The latter’s track “Never in my Life” would actually bring down the house at any major music festival TODAY. It’s definitely a highlight on the album. Perhaps true talent never goes out of style.

Other highlights include Black Sabbath’s classic “Sweet Leaf”, hick rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd’s hilariously titled "Gimme Back My Bullets" and the ‘so-way-ahead-of-it’s-time’ Nazareth track "Go Down Fighting".

Ultimately, a compilation like this can’t do much more than just scratch the surface of an era. Even a generous 17 song helping can only point you in the right direction. Hmm… would that be towards buying more albums?

- Loedi van Renen
Ahhh… the early seventies, when sex was safe, Ozzy Osbourne’s brain still functioned properly, and mind-altering chemicals were considered useful creative stimulants. While the validity of all three could be argued, the musical impact of this era is undeniable.

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peter 2007/11/22 12:14 PM
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