Roger Goode - The Saturday Surgery Vol.5: Party Karate

2009-11-23 13:43
Roger Goode - The Saturday Surgery Vol.5: Party Ka

With four critically acclaimed albums in The Saturday Surgery series, it requires little thought into why Roger Goode went for a relatively experimental approach in his latest addition to the series, The Saturday Surgery Vol.5 – Party Karate. "Why?" you ask. Well, it is experimental in that it incorporates most, if not all facets of house music. Be it lounge, techno, deep, vocal, tribal or electro, this album has a bit of everything which might relate to listeners of 5FM, the radio hub Roger sanctifies with his mix-mastery every Saturday night.
It is safe to suggest that playing for a diverse audience, week in and week out, may well have prompted a bit of introspection on who exactly his target audience may be, for he is known for music that reaches far beyond cultural barriers. Ask DJ Fresh, who since joining 5FM has gone the electro route to try and satisfy the all-round listenership the station prides itself in.

Disc 1 of this double disc package is a rollercoaster ride through a brew of various sounds which include first-class electro thuds – evident in "I'm Not Alone", an intelligent choice to kick-start The Saturday Surgery Vol.5 experience. The song begins with smooth male vocals supported by guitar echoes in the backdrop. This will get you laying your head on the couch and putting up your feet, only for a noisy wave of bass, and guitar to unsuspectingly pierce down your spine and remind you that this, is in fact, a dance compilation.

However, "She Came Along" will have you wondering whether it made it onto the album by mistake. It is a fusion of old school hip hop and guitar sounds that will send you on a trip down memory lane to a 50s folk music show somewhere in Texas, U.S.A. The vocals – though sung beautifully – form part of a song that is just not for this album. "I Know You Want Me", which has been receiving rave reviews on SA airwaves, is more of a pop cum hip hop reggaeton track that pretty much sums up Disc 1 –a very good, but confusing blend of hip hop, pop, house and more, all compressed into 18 tracks! Isn't that a bit too much?

On the contrary, "Stereo Flo" and "Windmills" are good quality dance songs that are reminiscent of the Roger Goode one is used to hearing every Saturday night on 5FM. With these two tracks, which feature pounding-bass tangled with soulful vocals, the aim is simple: to get people dancing… and they sure will! Isn't that what a dance album's supposed to do anyway? "One More Time" wouldn’t be such a waste of space on the compilation if I hadn’t heard more than enough remixes of the song already, none of which come close to Daft Punk’s original.

On Disc 2, Roger finally gains momentum with a skillfully selected set of opening tracks which are set to get his fans and those of house music in general, bobbing their heads. "La Mezcla" renders haunting tribal sounds with drums, percussion, and pennywhistle in the background and gives the song an African feel with vocal chanting. It is superbly orchestrated and further complemented by its banging successor, "California's Dream", full of brilliant piano resonance. Swedish mix master Axwell is known for fast-paced dance songs, and "Leave The World Behind", where he teams up with Ingrosso, Angello, Laidback Luke and Deborah Cox on vocals, is no different, neither is "In The Air", which he remixed for TV Rock.

A song that epitomizes near-perfection is "Love Story", which is poised to get club goers begging for mercy! It shows what an ultimate dance song should have in deep hard-hitting bass, sultry and, most importantly, coherent vocals that actually make sense and speak to thee who are giving it an ear.

With The Saturday Surgery Vol.5: Party Karate, Roger experimented with the daunting task of trying to appeal to an even wider audience – perhaps consistent with the black and white listenership of his 5FM show. In laymen's terms, it's a case of trying to impress everyone with only 34 songs. And while the first falters, the second half of his compilation just about pulls it off.

With his latest addition to The Saturday Surgery series, Roger takes a more experimental approach of various sounds which signal the experience he has acquired over the years as both a club and radio jock.

Myk 2009/11/28 1:10 PM
Superbly compiled sound [music] creatively assembled with electronic genius, suitable for orbiting the earth. Is Intensive Care still part of Saturday Surgery? regards from Myk.
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