Roger Goode (mixed by) - The Saturday Surgery Vol.2

2006-03-30 08:22

5fm DJ Roger Goode picks the perfect tracks for this stylish collection - which is definitely the hip popular dance pick for summer 2005/6. It seems to start gently, with the tuneful mid-paced old skool feel of "My Heart Belongs to You" (Melba Moore) but things pick up quickly and stay up with some of the best new dance/electronica talents - Scottish "it" guy Mylo for instance.

So Goode has his finger perfectly on the pulse of what's fashionable with the espresso and overpriced T-Shirt set. Podcasting is the lastest in-thing, so he's podcasting his shows on the 5fm website. Get details in the sleeve notes, if you're one of his "peeps".

Felix Laband made fetishist porno-esque imagery cool, Mylo made it medical with his recent video, so Roger Goode has pictures of doctors and nurses with scalpels and syringes tucked into their panties all over the cover of his CD (there are other editions with different covers). The natural-feeling thick paper fold out sleeve echoes environmental concerns and design is a little bit Bollywood meets Sin City ... you get the picture?

So the packaging is perfect, and your friends will be impressed if they see it lying around. Most importantly, although Goode borrows his moves from other cool cats, the music is just as good as the artwork and the marketing.

- Jean Barker

The expertly-mixed, liquid, crystalline beats on this CD's 16 tracks create a slightly unreal atmosphere, immediately dropping you into a dreamlike predawn hyped up state.

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