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Roisin Murphy - Overpowered

2007-11-29 06:05
Her voice is so theatrically edgy and rough - but not in a scary Kate Bush way, she’s much softer – that sometimes you almost feel she's not singing, but simply vocalising. "You Know Me Better" is an 80s inspired neon, ghetto-funk track that slides around a popping bass line. "Let Me Know" is twisted New-Disco to the max, dripping with attitude and fresh as hell.

You could say that Overpowered is a cross between Kylie Minouge's Fever and Body Language, but more experimental and less sugary. Just listen to the sassy, dirty, 'screw you' vibe on Murphy's "Dear Miami". This album is unadulterated festiveness that requires you do three things: be reckless, dance and wear bright clothing...possibly even some spandex.

- Erica Chidi

Overpowered is what good electro-pop should be: unserious, powered by the beat and fuelled by killer vocals. It's Roisin Murphy's second album since her departure from uber hip dance group Moloko, and it's everything we've come to expect from this kooky, sexy Scottish lass.

Starsurfer 2008/01/31 1:25 AM
WOW!!! I love this album too much! I love Roisin Murphy so much I want to bake her a cake for some reason! Also she is actually Irish not Scottish. My fave tracks are You Know Me Better and Dear Miami and obviously the title track!
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