Ronn Moss - Uncovered

2006-03-30 10:31

At first, Uncovered isn't as bad as you might expect. But on closer listening you realise that Ronn Moss is just as hilarious when singing as he is playing what the album's publicity calls "the dynamic fashion magnate, Ridge Forester", Brooke's on-again, off-again beau / husband / brother / secret lover etc. on the hugely popular TV soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful.

Uncovered is a bit like a soap opera. Slightly tacky, packed with cliches, overly emotive and intensely soppy when it goes soft. And wait, there's also Amor. The SA star and sometimes Patricia Lewis rival does some guest vocals on "It's So Easy".

Hearing Uncovered for the first time, you might be tempted to treat it as proof that karaoke is a way into the music business. But actually, Ronn Moss began his musical career before he began "acting", in a band called Player. They had a US #1 with a song called "Baby Come Back". Unfortuantely Moss's years of experience as a vocalist don't really show, and he didn't even write the songs himself.

Moss's opus appears to be a South African, Spanish, and Bollywood-only release, if international CD sales websites are to be trusted. What does it say about us that this bizarre anomaly gets mass exported here by a major record label?

Who knows, but it's a laugh. It's so bad it's beautiful. Soon no home will be complete without a copy. Which is just another good reason to make your travel plans early.

- Jean Barker

"When I'm in you I believe / you're the only thing I need" says Ronn "Ridge" Moss, in layered vocals that may have you picturing hoards of jawy, heavily made up, small-eyed, big haired Ronn Moss clones.

Candice 2005/12/14 9:37 AM
Uncovered Not too bad.
Juanita 2005/12/14 11:09 AM
Ronn Moss I think it's nice, well done Ronn.
Kelly 2005/12/14 12:17 PM
No true talent yet I think this man is good looking, but is has yet to find his true talent. Acting and singing are just not it. Maybe he should try naked photography - has talents just might be hidden to the world. James Blunt
Kyle 2005/12/14 12:56 PM
Bromm Ronn No thanks. He is not going to earn that x-tra buck by "singing" a few "songs"
Dragon 2005/12/14 1:08 PM
Ron Mess This is what I call english afrikaans music, it has little going for it! If there was a minus rating I'd give it that! Oh well I supose there's no accounting for taste! Anything by U2
MB 2005/12/14 1:45 PM
Very Bad Bad
stu 2005/12/14 1:59 PM
moss no rolling stone I feel saddened... are we that culturally shallow that international record companies feel they can feed us this with a straight face? burning this cd at shopping centres as an example to young children
Melanie 2005/12/14 6:54 PM
Uncovered Not bad. Easy to listen to. The review on the website was too scathing.
lli 2005/12/14 7:12 PM
shock annd horror the very idea leaves a burning in my throat. my eyes dry. and a crispy puddl e of vomit on my rather inexpensive rug. diamanda galas - litanies of satan
Siobhan 2006/01/11 3:23 PM
NOOOOOOOOO! Is this a joke?! Am I on Candid Camera?!
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