Rooster - Rooster

2006-03-30 08:04

Four experienced UK musicians are taking the hard radio rock scene by storm with their debut album, Rooster. Their sell out tours and chart topping singles indicate they are here to stay.

"Joyride" is a well-presented introduction to Rooster, giving you a good idea of what to expect from the rest of the album. Luke Potashnick delivers some burning guitar riffs behind the energetic vocals of Nick Atkinson, contributing to their identity and the characteristic Rooster sound.

An infectious well bridged chorus and melodic first single, "Come Get Some", is sure to generate involuntary foot tapping. Dave Neal (drums) and Ben Smyth (bass & backing vocals) ensure you don't lose rhythm.

Their second single and first ballad on the album, "Staring At The Sun" is bound to get some airtime on local radio. As with any good ballad, the lyrics are meaningful and will evoke silent emotions from those hearing them. Rooster continues on an emotional journey with "To Die For", "Deep and Meaningless" and the lyrical "Angels Calling".

The pace is picked up again with "You're So Right For Me", Roosters third hit single. By this time the chorus and catchy riffs are clearly identifiable. "Platinum Blind" follows, and here Nick gets an opportunity to demonstrate his song writing talent... which leave a bit to be desired. It's not one of their best tracks.

The remaining "On The Road", "She Don't Make Me Feel" and "Drag the Sunrise Down" ensures a good balance between noisy and nice.

When listening to Rooster for the first time, most will make an immediate association with Bon Jovi, influences from Aerosmith and Guns n Roses will also become gradually more apparent. For the less die-hard fans of this genre, the album does run the risk of becoming monotonous.

On their website, the band makes no secret of the fact that they want to remind people of the "spirit of rock". A lot of energy and work is going into their sell out live performances. A front row of "Rooster-ettes" (female fans) testifies to their success.

The CD is well presented and the insert features lyrics and plenty of live concert photos. The potential and passion within Rooster clearly inspires their future and their fans. Whether you love them or endure them, you can count on hearing a lot more from them.

- Louis Basson

What do you get when you place a bet on horse called "Rooster Booster" and win? You get 250 quid, and inspiration for the name of your new band, Rooster.

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