Roxette - Charm School

2011-04-18 10:29
Roxette's appeal back in 1988 was not without merit. Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle certainly had a knack for epic pop hooks and managed to install themselves into a world consciousness despite being that much removed from the UK and US-dominated markets.

In 2011, about a decade since they last released an album, Roxette are much the same beast. They show flare in the classic pop songwriting department, and if this were the early 90s, they'd probably have another few singles off the album on high rotation through the major channels.

But, this being 2011, the market isn't as hungry for good pop songs as it is for spectacle and flash.

Lead single "She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio)" has enjoyed a modicum of radio success despite a title that rivals Britney's "Hold It Against Me" in its groan factor.   "I'm Glad You Called" and "Dream On" also stand out for their tips to a more old-school style of writing.

The rest feel like old Roxette, and sound like old Roxette, and therein lies both the problem and the salvation. Roxette aren't exactly looking to play on the same level they did back in the day. Like Duran Duran they've decide to embrace that which originally made them famous.

And that's ok, because fans will know what they're getting, and at least in places like Germany, Austria and Switzerland those fans are still in the majority.

Roxette will be in SA this May

This being 2011, the market isn't as hungry for good pop songs as it is for spectacle and flash.

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Wilhelm 2011/05/09 9:20 AM
This is probably the most ill informed review of an album I've read in a long time. Do you, the author, actually know Roxette's older albums? From the review it appears not to be the case. Charm School is Roxette's first album in 10 years since the band broke up due to Marie's health concerns, and does not really sound much, if anything like any of the group's earlier work that made them the pop superpower they were. The album overall is not bad, but it does not hold a candle to the group's golden era of the late 80's-mid 90's.
Wasif Haq 2011/05/21 7:31 AM
First of all Roxette never broke up, it was Marie Fredriksson falling sick due to cancer which left her blind from one eye, damaged portion of her brain that caused her to learn reading again, problems in movements of body and the long chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Charm school is a great album, only thing is it's playlist. If you arrange songs like 1. way out, 2.big black cadillac, 3. in my own way, 4. speak to me, 5. glad you called, 6. she's got nothing on but the radio, 7. dream on, 8. no one makes it on her own, 9. only when i dream, 10. where your love lives (marie solo), 11. after all, 12. happy on the outside, 13. sitting on top of the world. i'm sure you would enjoy a lot.... greetings from Pakistan
galamatias 2011/05/27 1:40 PM
Twenty years and a long time ago it was 1991. Guitar rock was popular, even though it had been predicted that keyboards were the future. Metallica (heavy metal) were huge. REM (shiny happy steel)were great. Nirvana (kinda rusty loose pipes) scratched pop's surface. Bon Jovi (beer can aluminium) cluttered the airwaves. And then Roxette (chessy Christmas tinsel) arrived to put our teeth on edge. Now, as then, we ask: WHY? For those nostalgic ooms and tannies who wanna reminsce around the braai about how hard they rocked in their youth. Shame.
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