Running With Scissors - Vertical Sleep State

2008-06-10 06:04
Take all girl Jozi band Running With Scissors. Their fans are a mixture of these very same Ramones wearing tweens, the old skool punks who still wear leather and have Anarchy signs painted in tippex on their backs, and just regular people who shop at Woolies on the weekend and own an iPod.

Their fanbase and popularity has grown in leaps and bounds since the release of their debut album Beautifully Scarred, and they've become a permanent fixture on the live circuit scene in SA. Their new album is called Vertical Sleep State, and while short and sweet, captures their energy like a time machine and sends you straight back to the club floor. A stand out track on the album, and a theme which runs through with ease is the hypnotic ballad "Butterflies". The accompanying video is just as moving. The banging single "You Plus Me" is typical Running With Scissors, and exudes a sense of recklessness typical of a punk band. For 5 non-girlie girls, Vertical Sleep State epitomises a band who take themselves seriously, but not too seriously as to forget why they formed this band in the first place.

- Painter Jane

Punk has become so acceptable these days. Take a walk in your local mall on Saturday and count The Ramones T Shirts. They've become as popular as Gypsies were in the 80s. While it saddens me to an extent, I guess, it also gives me hope that people are opening their minds to music a little more hardcore than they are used to.

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